A semi-fictional no-holds-barred account of an affair between a British-Caribbean and an African man, charting the gradual decline in the relationship as differences in outlook and sexual mores come to the fore. 

Edited by
Michael Harth

This selection of 28 titles by 18 different authors covers a variety of forms: short stories, excerpts from novels, work in progress, some non-fiction and the odd poem.

‘If only, Evelyn would think later, if only there hadn’t been the bother in Cuba; if only she hadn’t knocked the Horseman of the Apocalypse off his motorbike, the week might have turned out very differently. ’

October, 1962. The world goes to the brink. Not only in Cuba.

Shortlisted for ‘gay mystery’ category in the Lambda Literary Awards 2013.

A Boxful of Ideas is the latest and most ambitious an­thol­ogy from Gay Authors Work­shop. More authors. More titles. A greater range of forms: short stories, poems, and essays. A varied line-up and a new take on current and abiding topics.

Nine stories, varied topics, forms and lengths.

Ajax is back home on the dawn-flooded doorstep; glare rising sun and crisp golden glow radiating the frightening, unpredictable barrage of whooshing lorries and traffic; and of-a-sudden, it's that man dimly-remembered out of some forgotten morning's swirl of the ordinary, a bearded face seen

Coming Clean is the latest poetry anthology from Gay Authors Workshop, and the most ambitious so far.


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