When Mahvand Amirzadeh, a young gay comics artist, encounters Belial (aka Jean-Baptiste Lebeau-Chevalier) at a literary soiree in the East End, his artistic journey takes an unexpected turn. Mahvand is lured into the dark underbelly of London’s conceptual art scene and enters into a Faustian- like pact with Jean-Baptiste. But what is Jean-Baptiste’s true nature? And how far will Mahvand go in his quest to become a celebrity- artist?

Pharmakeia is a darkly disturbing tale interwoven with humour and light – from Candy Darling, the Geordie transsexual who works below Mahvand in the basement sex shop, to Gracie, Mahvand’s cockney-rhyming, Tarot-reading Gran.

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April, 2016

Timothy Graves studied English and Drama at The University of Exeter. He has also published a short story, Bright Fire of Morning in The Mechanics Institute Review 8 and completed his Master’s degree in Creative Writing at Birkbeck college, University of London in 2012. Timothy lives in London and is currently working on his second novel, Pharmakeia.