Kissyface and Others

‘We don’t mention the beech wood,’ says Herman, but much else is mentioned in these three sets of stories about developments in gay lives.

In Kissyface, Hein encompassed by sexuality asserts he is non-sexual, and Liesl reports to her school that she has two fathers and two mothers.

In On the Copperbelt Clare is drawn to nuns and Roland is obsessed with a dead German; if it had stopped at that, how happy his mother would have been.

In Music at the Buchanans Janey loses a job through intimacy with an employer’s wife but finds a better, and the usually wordless Mr Marrant vows that his next kiss will be ‘Not like a savage or, worse, a Frenchman, but….slowly and gently, I will speak to him in my kissing.’

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203 pages
May, 2015

Elsa Wallace grew up in Central Africa and came to London in 1969 to live with the partner with whom she still shares her life. She works with voluntary organisations concerned with human and animal welfare.

Elsa Wallace’s short stories have been widely published; this is her second collection.