The Dropout

Don’t fall for Paul. He’ll drive you to the edge.

19-year-old Paul Barrett is having a tough time at university. His American girlfriend Meredith is a Silver Ring virgin who won’t put out. Their best friend Neil has a worrying crush on Paul. When Meredith dumps Paul and Neil commits suicide, Paul drops out of uni and retreats to his hometown on the south coast. He goes to work for his uncle Jack, selling leather furniture to continental buyers.

Two more women enter Paul’s life: Jenny, his uncle’s foxy stepdaughter; and Christine, Jack’s gold-digging mistress, the office receptionist. And Paul attracts another gay admirer. His life is heading to the brink – and taking other lives with him.

The Dropout offers a sly, edgy new twist on themes from The Graduate and American Pie.

"David Gee’s tongue-in-cheek, if dark, social and sexual satire (a sort of cross between David Lodge and Tom Sharpe) leads us through a topsy-turvy world of sexual shenanigans and unconventional relationships conducted behind the outwardly respectable façade of small town life, a façade which the return of the prodigal son, Paul, cracks wide open, to reveal the unsavoury secrets lurking behind it.

"This is a highly-absorbing, entertaining and ultimately satisfying read, and one which I would unhesitatingly recommend."

– Tim Bennett-Goodman, in Polari Magazine

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978 1 78088 309 0
310 pages
June, 2012

Originally earmarked for the Methodist Mission Field, David Gee discovered that ‘the missionary position’ didn’t suit him. He has worked in telecommunications and journalism in London and the Persian Gulf. He lives on the South Downs outside Brighton. 

The Bexhill Missile Crisis is his third novel. His previous books are Shaikh-Down and The Dropout.

His website/blog is at: