Adrian Risdon's heyday was in the 1970s, when he directed Antony Gormley in verse drama, drank with Peter Ackroyd and commenced his role as amanuensis to the blind poet John He

Andrew Cooper has retired from his work as a nurse/counsellor, and continues to live with his husband in Central London. He maintains his interest in theatre, cinema, reading and running a book club.

Born in New Zealand, where he read Biology and Ecology at Massey University, Christopher came to London in the late 70’s to study drama and stayed. He has worked as an actor, director, producer, dramaturg and playwright, specialising in new work.

Originally earmarked for the Methodist Mission Field, David Gee discovered that ‘the missionary position’ didn’t suit him.

David Haldane Lawrence (1940–2009) was born in New Zealand but lived in London most of his life and worked for the British Library for many years.

Born 1924, an over-protected only child from a distinctly working class home, Professor Donald West, MD, LiItt.D., became a socially withdrawn gay man attracted to studies of the

Elizabeth enjoys writing stories that combine life experience with fiction. She claims that marriage and divorce, single parenthood and years of school-teaching have provided the material. Retirement has allowed time for creative productivity.

Elsa Wallace grew up in Central Africa and came to London in 1969 to live with the partner with whom she still shares her life.

G Abel-Watters has a well-established association with ghosts, having investigated many sites of reputed hauntings, without ever finding totally convincing evidence of a super

Ian Stewart lives secretly in poverty in central London. 

Ivor Treby (1933–2012) was one of the very first UK gay literary activists.

Jeffrey Doorn was born in New Jersey.

Jeremy Kingston is a playwright, poet, and former theatre critic.

John Dixon has published a collection of short stories The Carrier

Joe Hucknall was born in Cumbria a long time ago – probably the Ice Age.

Martin Foreman was born in Dundee, brought up in Edinburgh and has lived, worked and travelled in many countries.

Michael Harth’s stories have appeared in various gay publications, as far back as Quorum, one of the earliest gay magazines.

I was born in Luton, Bedfordshire. I came out at 31. I have recently stopped full-time teaching and am focusing on writing about my experiences and researching 1920s and 1930s women in London and Paris.

Peter Scott-Presland is a writer, actor, playwright and director who runs the gay theatre company Homo Promos.

Rex Batten (1928–2017) studied at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, as a contemporary of Joe Orton and Alan Bates.

Rod Shelton has a PhD in physics from Manchester University and has worked briefly for NASA.

Ross Burgess has recently taken up creative writing after years of editing and technical writing. He's a retired IT consultant with degrees from Oxford and the Open University.

I trained as a primary school teacher in my thirties, and that job, and my children, took all my time and energy! Now retired I have the time and opportunity to develop a range of diverse interests.

Timothy Graves studied English and Drama at The University of Exeter.

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